Dnaerys is a distributed, horizontally scalable, in-memory low latency genome variant store - a specialized analytical database to store genetic variations and execute algorithms from the field of genetics.


On a small scale, genomic data can be managed well in almost any modern DBMS.

On a large scale, with datasets spanning across hundreds of thousands WGS samples, DBMS' response time becomes a bottleneck for downstream applications.


General-purpose DBMS are sub-optimal for implementing low latency scalable variant stores.

From the perspective of query plan optimization and code generation, specialized systems can avoid multiple stages in query execution which are required in general purpose systems

From the perspective of storage model, in realm of Relational DBMS:

From the perspective of primary data allocation:

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Dnaerys has been developed by Dmitry Degrave and is supported by Dnaerys Pty Ltd, Australia